Miss Viirs3
This is the best bookstore I have ever been too! So much knowledge! Wonderful family who owns it! You feel right at home when you enter! Truly beautiful, so inspiring, lovely events, great energy! Always looking forward to spending time there with great people and great books!
Christopher Lee
A beautiful new store located in Cauley Square. Books of all kind. Great atmosphere. Nice owners. A great array of used books. Some books are signed by author. Childrens books. History of Miami pre Julia Tuttle causeway. It's a great bookstore. Reminds me of Books & books in Coral Gables. Best wishes, blessings, success to Sweet Haven Books.
Linda Jackowski
Nice little book store located in a historical area.
Sherry Jacobs
Beautiful, comfortable, welcoming bookstore. A true HAVEN to unwind and find just the right new book!
Beatriz Gonzalez
A must see, enchanting book store in Cauley square. A collection of books, activities that keeps me coming back.
Chabely Rivas
This is the most charming bookstore I’ve ever visited. Upon entering we were greeted by the owners adorable doggie. After some cuddles we began making our way through the store and as soon as we asked about any books the owners were both eager and excited to talk about the books. They have a great collection whether you’re after a unique find or a modern book. More than a great store the husband and wife that own this place have made this a great space to talk, learn and share the love of books. Check them out 100% guaranteed!
Canes Diablo
Great selection of historical books, classics, a little bit of every genre. They have a kids section and another for teens with a pacman and mortal kombat old school arcade. Owners are real friendly and the dog is always there to greet. Feels homey!